A family photo

a family photo

a family photo

My parents took quite a lot of photos of me growing up (consider there was no digital camera and film developing was expensive). However, there were not nearly as many as family photos of three of us. Out of the handful of family photos, the one we sitting on snow ground when I was about four is my absolute favorite—me looking like a little boy in my then fashionable vest and blue track jacket, mom’s big and puffy hair style, and dad rocking his timeless military-green winter coat—-so perfect. I don’t remember being taken this photo and neither do my parents, which makes us laugh every time we look at it. My dad probably was pointing to my snowball and asking if it was too cold for my hands. Not at all dad, not at all.

I haven’t been back to China in two years. As I am waiting for my admission result from some design schools that I applied, I painted this watercolor photo and hoping that I can go back this summer and take LOTS OF PICTURES with them.

Wish me good luck 😉

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