Watercolor Portrait—New Brush



After I did the first watercolor portrait (shown in precious post) in class, my instructor Prof. Yong Chen gave me one of his beloved big watercolor brush as a encouragement. I was so excited and absolutely grateful. Of course I couldn’t wait till next class to use it, so I kidnapped my boyfriend Sean to be my model. I thought I could finish the painting in one hour just like what we did in class, but I ended up painting for several hours straight. Sean was smiling as first, but half an hour later he couldn’t hold the smiling face any longer. So I had to make him put up the smiling face for two seconds for me to observe, and then set his face free. Anyway, it was quite the struggle and it made me respect all the models I’ve worked with even more. Last but not the least, I absolutely love my new brush!

Model: Sean Wei

Copyright ©2013 Whitney Yu Bai All Rights Reserved

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