leather laptop case for macbook pro

Handmade envelope style laptop case using vegetable tanned leather with a single silver stud button closure.R0003925


The laptop case is made using one piece of natural veg tanned leather.
R0003918Designed the pattern and made a prototype with muslin cloth for a perfect fit.
R0003920Clean cut with sharp rotary knife. Corners were pre punched to prevent tearing.
R0003921Pattern cut and ready for dyes.
R0003923Dye the whole piece with leather dye in color “evening blue” from TandyLeather.

Photo Oct 17, 10 17 04 PMWait till it’s dry so it won’t smudge. Apply a thin layer of wax with cloth to get rid of extra die, smooth the surface and seal the dye.Photo Oct 17, 10 16 58 PM

Scribe the stitching line. Punch holes for stitching.Photo Oct 17, 11 13 07 PM

Be careful.

Photo Oct 18, 12 24 49 AM

Punch a hole and attach the hardwareR0003928
Place a lining to cover the end of the button from the inside to prevent it from scratching laptop face.R0003933Apply wax and oil.
Photo Oct 18, 1 13 04 AM
Finished! Fits like a glove.R0003927 R0003926 R0003931 R0003930

Version 2

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