Mindful Making: Clay & Woodfiring in Japan–Coffee Crave

I went to Kashihara, Japan for a month to study traditional clay and ceramic techniques and wood firing. It was absolutely the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.

Here’s the first installment of my Mindful Making series: coffee crave. The coffee beans were coated with iron dioxide before the first round of firing, bisque fire, and no glaze was applied. The color and sheen is all credited to the magic wood firing–anagama, which were done by our group in shifts for three days non stop. The coffee bean prints were created by a stamp made by me.
_BAI4130 _BAI4133 _BAI4134 _BAI4138 _BAI4139 _BAI4249_BAI4248_BAI4247_BAI4141 _BAI4142 _BAI4143 _BAI4144 _BAI4146 _BAI4148 _BAI4149 _BAI4151

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