Watch strap

I have this watch that I wear everyday to studio. It has been through a lot with me—you can tell from the cracked screen and I totally wore out its strap. So I decided to handmade a leather strap to keep this watch on duty.Photo Mar 10, 1 59 17 PMCut the strap and skive the end.
Photo Mar 10, 2 01 35 PM Punch hold for hardware and ready for glue.Photo Mar 10, 2 03 26 PM Glued and clamped.Photo Mar 10, 2 10 18 PM

One round of stitches.
Photo Mar 10, 2 47 14 PM Cut extra wide strap keeper (which I prefer from user experience).R0003007 Add one stamp to make it unique. Photo Mar 10, 2 15 53 PMThere, the long strap is one piece so it also covers the back of the watch, which makes it more comfortable to wear and temperature insensitive.R0003012


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