Messenger Bag For Men

First time making a leather messenger bag for men:)_BAI4094Process:

Stitch the compartment inside first and attach the button closure_BAI3912 _BAI3913Cut out all the straps and labels, and use double rivets to attach them.
_BAI3914 _BAI3915 _BAI3916 _BAI3917 Stitch inner pocket for keys._BAI3918 _BAI3919Adjustable straps.
_BAI3920 _BAI3921 Finished bag:_BAI4076 _BAI4077 _BAI4082 _BAI4083 _BAI4085 _BAI4086 _BAI4087 _BAI4089 _BAI4090 _BAI4091 _BAI4092 _BAI4094 _BAI4095 Added shoulder pad for comfort._BAI4096 _BAI4097 _BAI4098 _BAI4099 _BAI4100 _BAI4101

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