Bedside Table/Shelf

I design this table with leather top and storage unit.
_BAI3959A single unit on each own can be a small bed table or desk top stand._BAI3965It can also be used vertically as a magazine rack._BAI3961Or use in this direction with possibility to hold a table top._BAI3962Process

I start with by making a 1:3 scale model.
Photo Nov 07, 4 02 02 PM Photo Nov 10, 9 18 45 PM Photo Nov 11, 10 53 36 AMI cut the slots using band saw. Because I designed the angle to be bent at 135 degree so the two legs can meet at a right angle, therefore made the slots easier to cut. _BAI3690I do like the shape a lot but I didn’t think the angle is suitable. They are too spread out. _BAI3685In use:_BAI3691_BAI3692After reviewing the model and making some revision, I went on making the full size table.

Cutting 8 layers of 1/8 plywood on table saw.Photo Nov 21, 11 52 11 AMPhoto Nov 21, 12 18 04 PMCNC the jig out of the blue foam for bent lamination in the vacuum forming jig.Photo Nov 22, 10 52 26 AMThe little one is for clamping later.Photo Nov 24, 9 52 27 PMPhoto Nov 24, 10 20 23 PMThe new angle is 70 degree. I left each form in the vacuum bag for exact 5 hours so the they came out almost the same angles.Photo Nov 25, 9 34 14 AMTrimming the edges off on table saw using the jig I made.Photo Nov 29, 3 58 24 PMPhoto Nov 29, 3 40 27 PMPhoto Nov 29, 3 41 15 PMPhoto Nov 29, 3 58 08 PMSince the table saw blade could only bend less than 90 degree, I could only cut two slots. So it left the other two slots for Japanese saw.Photo Dec 05, 9 12 51 AMLots of sanding afterward.Photo Dec 09, 8 43 54 PMI decided to sand down the top and put a piece of leather on top so the surface its non-slippery, wipe clean, heat resistance and nice to write on/eat on._BAI3966Finished!

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