DIY–Dye It Yourself

I learned about how to dye your leather in a workshop and I wanted to apply patterns to make a piece more personal. I used these drafting dots as masking tape and applied on a piece of vegetable tanned leather._BAI3615 _BAI3616 The dye I use is from, where I got most of my leather tools and supplies. I applied it with thick paper towel in circular motion.Photo Oct 30, 12 06 29 AM After it dries I removed the dots. I also rubbed the surface with sponge to make the edges more feathery.Photo Oct 30, 12 08 40 AMReady to make anything in style!_BAI3617I decided to make a coin purse with zipper. Vegetable leather is so beautiful and works well with leather stain._BAI3619_BAI3620

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