Wire Organizer—3D printed by PrintrBot

My boyfriend and I have been wanting to have our own 3D printer and now we do! We bought the PrintrBot metal framed one and made it work after assembly! Washi tapes really help to make the print stay in place, and the rainbow pattern never hurts anyone right?Photo Oct 27, 12 44 47 AMThe first print is a wire organizer I CAD in solidworks.Photo Oct 26, 9 47 55 PMIt has an egg shaped bottom and some chisel shaped teeth on top. The plastic has a little bit of flexibility so you can feed your cord in and it stays in place. Since the plastic is quite light I add some cork sheet at the bottom to make it stay on desktop surface better.Photo Oct 27, 12 37 34 AMHere is how I use it now! I can’t wait to print more fun stuff with it!Photo Oct 27, 12 42 05 AM

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