Vessel Model Project

This is a form study. The goal is to create a family of three vessels, one tall and skinny, one medium in height and width, and one short and wide. The style of the vessels that I’m assigned to is “sleek”.


I started with 2D sketches. I decided that all the vessels will have straight lines from a side profile to create that sleek look. I played with the transition from different shapes of the top and bottom to make the form more interesting._BAI3426Made blue foam models:IMG_2204 IMG_2205 IMG_2206I explored many ways to create subtle difference. Radius of the parting line, angle of the top, different ways to make indent.
IMG_2211 Made many sketch models:IMG_2217The final three as a vessel set:IMG_2223Painted with gesso and finished with spray paint:IMG_2266
FullSizeRender Painted and sanded:_BAI3412_BAI3414_BAI3416

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