Race Car Model

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This is one of my final projects for Wood I at RISD. The goal of this project is to utilize the ash veneer provided by the instructor, design and construct two molded laminations of different curvatures to be used in the structure for a vehicle. I designed two curves to form a race car framework and turned the wheels on lathe. In order to attach the wheels to the car, I made two wooden blocks that follow the curves and glued them at the bottom. Then I glued the wheels to wooden dowels so when the dowels turn inside the blocks, wheels on both sides will turn at the same time. I finish the car with several coats of danish oil for shine and protection.


Copyright © 2013 Whitney Yu Bai All Rights Reserved


  1. 苏梦洁 ( Mia Bahler )

    小白姐,我看了你的好多作品,真的很喜欢很喜欢!!! 你真厉害, 啧啧,我的偶像啊~ 呵呵,我们很久都没联系了,想你了… 希望你继续做下去,加油哦!

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