A different kind of cube

_BAI1240 _BAI1241 _BAI1242 _BAI1243 _BAI1244 _BAI1245 _BAI1246 _BAI1247 _BAI1248 _BAI1249 _BAI1252 _BAI1253 _BAI1256


This is my final project for Metals I at RISD. We were given minimum instructions and requirement for this project beside the word “cube.” I want to construct cube with elements that are not square or cube-ish. I also want to describe the “cube area” instead of building a solid cube form or have all six planes cover.

The design solution for this final form is to utilize triangle elements head-to-toe connected by rivets and finish the cube by turning the triangle to form each corner. This design allows movement and creates different interesting forms.


Copyright © 2013 Whitney Yu Bai All Rights Reserved

One comment

  1. Joyce Lowder

    Wow, you are amazing, Whit! Your wood stuff is elegant and beautiful and the metal “cubes” fantastic. Enjoyed and were impressed by your site!

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