Aluminum Form

_BAI1182 _BAI1183 _BAI1184 _BAI1185 _BAI1186 _BAI1187 _BAI1188 _BAI1189 _BAI1190 _BAI1191 _BAI1192 _BAI1193 _BAI1194 _BAI1196 _BAI1197



This aluminum form is made with six hexagonal shapes. Each hexagon has two handles to connect each other so the negative space between two shapes form a hexagon as well. The outer part of the connecting handles are filed into semi-circle and connected by brass rivets at the center so each hexagon can rotate. For a more controlled and smooth movement I add an extra plastic piece in between the rotating parts. I love the fact that this form can create various shapes.


Copyright © 2013 Whitney Yu Bai All Rights Reserved

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