Feather Mayhem

_BAI0521 _BAI0524 _BAI0529 _BAI0536 _BAI0538 _BAI0542 _BAI0545 _BAI0549 _BAI0553 _BAI0556 _BAI0560

My Chinese name is 白羽,which means white feather. I have always been pleased with my name because I think feather is one of the most beautiful thing the the whole world.

Feathers are light, elegant, colorful and play an important role in revolution. I did this set of drawings and paintings for one of my design class at RISD. I picked feather from our natural lab and spent weeks studying their unique shapes, micro structures, movement and functionality in order to come up with a design that reveals the beauty of feathers in depth and from various angels.

Capturing feathers’ beauty is my life long project. There will sure be more feather inspired projects coming up.

Copyright © 2013 Whitney Yu Bai All Rights Reserved

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