Watercolor–A hint of sping


A hint of spring

I’ve started to take watercolor course this semester, but I only got to register an online session, which makes it a little hard to get feedbacks. But I LOVE playing with water, brushes and paints! Obviously I’m still at entry level and still getting used to the brush work, but I can’t wait to paint more of these.

I found a paining in one of my watercolor books and it makes me think of the greens that are underneath the snow right now. Yes, in Cambridge, Massachusetts we just got hit by Nemo Blizzard and the snow was over 2 feet high! There was a little pine tree in my yard but now I can only see the top of it. Inspired by Nemo and the painting I saw,  I paint this one and I named it a hint of spring. There is an old Chinese saying goes like “a heavy snow promises a good harvest.” I’m sure Nemo was heavy enough!

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